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13 May 2010

Helioversal launches global tracking device based on u-blox’ GPS/GSM solution

u-blox’ dual technology strategy delivers clear benefits to makers of location aware products


Helioversal's miniBee GPS Tracker

Helioversal’s miniBee GPS Tracker incorporates u-blox’ GPS and GSM module technologies


Thalwil, Switzerland, May 13, 2010 – u-blox, a leading provider of GPS and wireless semiconductors and solutions, is delivering mass production volumes of its AMY GPS and LEON GSM modules to Taiwan-based Helioversal Technology. The company has designed the modules into their miniBee GPS Tracker, a compact unit providing real-time tracking and logging of global position.


“Thanks to the high-performance and compatibility of u-blox’ compact GPS and GSM modules, our miniBee GPS Tracker provides our customers with a small, robust and reliable solution for fleet management and security applications. Dealing with u-blox as a single-source for GSM and GPS components also simplified technical support as well as logistics” said Jason Shen, General Manager of Helioversal Technology.


“Our GPS and GSM module products are perfectly suited for these types of applications where global positioning together with mobile communications enables a crucial value-added service. To achieve best-in-class performance, our GPS and GSM modems have been designed for optimal interoperability on both hardware and software levels. Our dual-technology approach has resulted in numerous design-wins for converged GPS/GSM applications all over the world” said Thomas Seiler, u-blox CEO.


The miniBee GPS Tracker also provides special functions such as accumulated distance recording, geo-fencing, towing, over-speed and accident alert. The unit’s location and status is continuously displayed on standard web-based map platforms.


For more information about u-blox’ LEON family of GSM/GPRS modules and AMY GPS module, visit or contact the u-blox representative nearest you.