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Press releases

07 February 2013

Bryton enhances its sports monitoring equipment with u‑blox GPS

Location aware cycling and fitness devices capitalize on key u‑blox chip features
Bryton’s cycling computers leverage the technical advantages of u‑blox GPS chip technology
Bryton’s cycling computers leverage the technical advantages of u‑blox GPS chip technology
Thalwil, Switzerland and Taipei, Taiwan – February 7, 2013 – Founded in 2009, Taiwan-based Bryton Incorporated has established a globally-recognized brand of GPS-enabled sports monitoring devices dedicated to 4 main sports activities: cycling, fitness, outdoor adventure and athletic training. Bryton’s sports electronics leverage u‑blox’ advanced GPS chip technology to provide rich, attractive and useful applications that bring fun and enjoyment into everyday fitness and exercise activities.


“At Bryton, we understand the mindset of sport enthusiasts, and know exactly what they are looking for when they shop for electronic equipment to enhance their exercise experience: it must be smart, small, attractive, accurate, dependable, and packed with interesting and useful features that make their workouts more fun and informative,“ said Mr. Wolf Lin, President at Bryton Inc.“, u‑blox’ extremely small GPS chip solution requires very few external components, meaning we don’t need to allocate much space in our products to achieve state-of-the-art, extremely sensitive GPS positioning capability, “ added Mr. Wolf Lin, “another primary feature is long battery life. Thanks to u‑blox’ low power chip design with sophisticated power saving modes, the GPS receiver, which must be active much of the time, requires only a small fraction of the device’s power.”


Bryton evaluated leading vendors of GPS technology and selected u‑blox’ GPS single-chip based on 4 key product features: small size, high sensitivity, low power consumption, and upgradeability.


The company markets its products under two main product categories:

An extensive line of waterproof bike computers that provide navigation while monitoring location, distance, elevation, route history as well as heart rate and calories usage.

Smart sports watches for runners with integrated GPS that delivers accurate time, pace, distance, stride, lap information and much more.

Bryton integrates u‑blox’ UBX-G6010 GPS single chip to give its products location-aware features.


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