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25 Jun 2020

ArduSimple integrates Sapcorda SAPA services to launch an affordable multi-band RTK GNSS receiver based on SSR technology

ArduSimple’s new simpleSSR receiver removes the need of a base station to achieve centimeter-level accuracy for end-users in Europe and contiguous United States


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Berlin, Germany –June 25, 2020 – ArduSimple has integrated Sapcorda’s SAPA Premium Service into its new simpleRTK2B+SSR GNSS receiver. The user-friendly integration based on SSR technology enables literally plug and play RTK without the need of a base station. Simply connect to your PC or tablet and enjoy centimeter level accuracy out of the box.

ArduSimple’s simpleSSR – Basic starter kit (which includes Multiband RTK receiver, SSR receiver, 1-year unlimited data package and 1-year SAPA Premium license) provides all components needed for a plug & play centimeter-level positioning experience. The accurate position is available via USB, UART & I2C, but also via Bluetooth, WiFi or RS232 with the corresponding accessory.

“ArduSimple’s vision is to make RTK technology affordable and accessible to everyone. Removing the hassle of the base station is a key step towards it. The decision to select Sapcorda was clear: best-in-class service performance at affordable mass market price, supported by a highly skilled and committed team,” said Josep Olivart, Senior Consultant at ArduSimple.

Sapcorda provides GNSS augmentation services for IoT, automotive, and industrial applications across the United States and Europe including up to 20 km off coastlines, delivered with low-bandwidth data over internet and satellite, and providing uniform, high-integrity, instantaneous sub-decimeter positioning on a continental scale with enterprise-level service availability.

 “Sapcorda aims to establish GNSS precise positioning in mass-market applications and ArduSimple is an ideal partner for the integration of our services into a high precision GNSS hardware.” Said Botho Graf zu Eulenburg, Managing Director at Sapcorda. “The combination of our advanced services with ArduSimple’s new platform provides an easy-to-use and affordable high-precision solution to everyone.”


About ArduSimple

ArduSimple ( develops user-friendly and affordable RTK receivers and tools for evaluation of multiband GNSS technology, including Real Time Kinematic (RTK) functionality with centimeter-level accuracy, making GNSS RTK technology simple, affordable and accessible to everyone. With a series of starter kits, tutorials, engineering services and OEM products, ArduSimple allows their customers to:

  • Test the technology and believe it is possible to achieve centimeter-level precision at affordable cost.
  • Accelerate their projects and developments, thanks to plug and play evaluation boards and starter kits.
  • Create products and solutions, thanks to qualified support, turnkey services and pre-configured OEM products.

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Disclaimer: In March 2021 u‑blox a global leader in wireless and positioning technologies acquired full ownership of Sapcorda Services GmbH.

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