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JT is a global leader in IoT connectivity with more than 1.6m SIMs worldwide. Through its trusted partnerships with module manufacturers, aggregators and device manufacturers, JT empowers a range of IoT use‑cases, from heart monitors in Canada to payment systems in East Africa. As a full‑service global consumer and business telecommunications provider, JT combines the power of an Operator with the flexibility of a Systems Integrator.

Headquartered in the Channel Islands, JT offers a range of world‑class services, including voice and data, fixed and mobile technologies, data hosting, internet, security, fraud protection, Cloud Services (IaaS) and A2P/A2A messaging services.

JT’s vision is to be a premium provider of global wireless data as well as a key platform enabler of the IoT and strives to provide a service which enables its customers to connect reliably, constantly and seamlessly. This is achieved through the provision of cellular, Wi‑Fi and LoRa network connectivity, and a platform in which the various “molecules” that comprise a compound IoT offering can be provisioned, managed, invoiced and automated. JT does this through its important global partnerships, including 700+ global roaming partners, together with its NOMAD workflow engine and connectivity management portal.

u‑blox is collaborating with JT to provide ‘out‑of‑the‑box’ connectivity for the u‑blox C030 range of IoT Application Development boards. JT is also a u‑blox partner for customers wishing to take advantage of JT’s global connectivity solutions.

  • “Power on” Connectivity: JT IoT ensures that the devices will have connectivity out of the box without cost liability for the life of the devices.
  • Flexible Network Options: OEMs are not obligated to use JT SIMs, with a nominal fee, OEMs can select another operator’s IMSI or profile to be sent to the SIM.
  • SIM Security: JT ships all SIMs onstock. Without activating the SIMs, the SIMs cannot be used for fraudulent purposes if the devices get stolen during transit.
  • Cost Control: Using eUICC (soft or eSIM) technology means that you can achieve the best data pricing available at any time during the life of the device.
  • Efficient Stock management: Having a JT IMSI/SIM enables a single SKU to be maintained per model.