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JT is a global leader in IoT connectivity with more than 1.6m SIMs worldwide. Through its trusted partnerships with module manufacturers, aggregators and device manufacturers, JT empowers a range of IoT use-cases, from heart monitors in Canada to payment systems in East Africa. As a full-service global consumer and business telecommunications provider, JT combines the power of an Operator with the flexibility of a Systems Integrator.

Headquartered in the Channel Islands, JT offers a range of world-class services, including voice and data, fixed and mobile technologies, data hosting, internet, security, fraud protection, Cloud Services (IaaS) and A2P/A2A messaging services.

JT’s vision is to be a premium provider of global wireless data as well as a key platform enabler of the IoT and strives to provide a service which enables its customers to connect reliably, constantly and seamlessly. This is achieved through the provision of cellular, Wi-Fi and LoRa network connectivity, and a platform in which the various “molecules” that comprise a compound IoT offering can be provisioned, managed, invoiced and automated. JT does this through its important global partnerships, including 700+ global roaming partners, together with its NOMAD workflow engine and connectivity management portal.

u‑blox is collaborating with JT to provide ‘out-of-the-box’ connectivity for the u‑blox C030 range of IoT Application Development boards. JT is also a u‑blox partner for customers wishing to take advantage of JT’s global connectivity solutions.

  • “Power on” Connectivity: JT IoT ensures that the devices will have connectivity out of the box without cost liability for the life of the devices.
  • Flexible Network Options: OEMs are not obligated to use JT SIMs, with a nominal fee, OEMs can select another operator’s IMSI or profile to be sent to the SIM.
  • SIM Security: JT ships all SIMs onstock. Without activating the SIMs, the SIMs cannot be used for fraudulent purposes if the devices get stolen during transit.
  • Cost Control: Using eUICC (soft or eSIM) technology means that you can achieve the best data pricing available at any time during the life of the device.
  • Efficient Stock management: Having a JT IMSI/SIM enables a single SKU to be maintained per model.