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Ezitech is a technology solutions advisory business, with over 10 year’s experience in helping clients build or expand their digital business, which essentially boils down to accurate, reliable collection of meaningful business data, and having the ability to create actionable items from it.  

Our electronic engineering, including radio frequency knowledge, as well as traditional IT knowledge allows us to build the end goal of an end-to-end solution. This usually comprises sensors and remote gateways, communications networks to retrieve this data, centralised storage and management system, and intelligent platforms to analyse and action.  

Ezitech’s work covers sub-Saharan Africa and we have delivered solutions across nine countries to date, from small businesses to large corporates. 

The main differentiator – 10 years of learning how to practically make these solutions work. The challenge is often not in the product chosen, but the environment in which it has to work. Ezitech has been a u-blox Thingstream partner since 2018. 


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