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Electronic Precepts is a full turnkey ODM (DESIGN DEVEOPMENT , MANUFACTURING)platform with backend and connectivity services. EP provides unique value to its customers by charging a flat fee for the development of their product, app, dashboard, and connectivity handshake. Development costs are typically 50% below market and design times to production 50% faster than other design development solutions internal or external.  

Electronic Precepts has broad product knowledge and experience ranging from medical, security, test and measurement, energy /solar, asset tracking and sports and industrial lighting to micro-mobility solutions  

As an ODM, Electronic Precepts supplies quick prototypes, Alpha and Beta for field testing and certifications and smooth transitioning into manufacturing by developing all DVT needed for programming testing and certifying products. 

Electronic Precepts can work with cellular carriers for connectivity as well as Thingstream's unique low power world wide connectivity solutions. EP has excellent supply chain partnerships to insure any critical components will be ready for production and not delay customer shipping schedules. 

World wide Manufacturing locations provide solutions to fit most customers needs for cost, delivery and logistics. 


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