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Operational excellence

We work in fast-moving markets in a sustainability-conscious world. This means we must fine-tune every process in our business while ensuring we are operating in an ethical and environmentally responsible way.

This covers everything from product and service design to manufacturing, customer delivery and through-life support.

Operational optimization remains a key focus for us, because it makes such a difference to our clients.

Firstly, it means we are able to deliver our products with extremely short lead times. And secondly, it enables us to achieve exceptional levels of delivery reliability: in 2019, 99% of orders arrived with customers on the confirmed delivery date (2018: 99%, 2017: 98%).

As a result, our focus on operational optimization directly supports our customers’ needs to get products to market as quickly as possible.

Rigorous quality assurance is a critical part of our drive for operational excellence. Our own processes are periodically audited, and we regularly review our partners and suppliers, to ensure every area of our operations is as robust, efficient and sustainable as possible.