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Customer story: Treon & Sulzer

NINA-B1 and SARA-R4 combine to make industry smarter

u‑blox short range and cellular products dovetail to create pioneering monitoring capabilities

As we have seen elsewhere in this annual report, Industry 4.0 is one of the megatrends shaping the world around us. Manufacturing and other industrial facilities are getting smarter – thanks to innovators such as u‑blox customer Treon, and its customer, Sulzer.

Founded in 2016 by former Microsoft smartphone engineers in Tampere, Finland, Treon has created a pioneering hardware platform that enables wireless condition monitoring of rotating equipment.

Its monitoring nodes keep tabs on the condition and performance of machinery and other assets. Each node contains a u‑blox NINA-B1 short range module to send data, via a Wirepas mesh network, to another NINA-B1 in a Treon Gateway. The Gateway also contains a u‑blox SARA-R4 cellular module, enabling it to push the data to the cloud for operations teams to view.

Industrial product vendors love the possibilities this unleashes, and are using the Treon products to create their own solutions.


Sulzer Sense IoT

One customer that has done this is pumping process specialist Sulzer. It has used the u‑blox-enabled Treon products to underpin its pioneering and versatile Sulzer Sense IoT asset-monitoring solution.

Without the need to install expensive wiring around large facilities, Sulzer Sense IoT enables operators to wirelessly and remotely monitor their pumps, agitators, motors and other rotating equipment, using a smartphone, tablet or computer. Alerts enable them to pinpoint potential faults at an early stage, meaning they can proactively address issues and minimize unplanned downtime.

Crucially, Sulzer Sense IoT is compatible with virtually any brand or type of pump and rotating machinery. When you consider how many facilities around the world use this type of equipment, you realise what an exciting growth area this represents.