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Why choose u-blox?

Connecting Industry to the information age

Industry-leading u-blox allows businesses to manufacture the products and services needed to truly succeed in the digital age. At our core, we continuously innovate wireless and positioning technologies that companies just like yours need to pioneer your market. We make the underlying nervous system of the connected industry more efficient and offer you possibilities for streamlined resource management as well as increased economic and sustainable efficiency.

Long-term component availabilty

Compared to the short life-cycles of manufacturers targeting the consumer space, u-blox makes sure that you have access to components for many years. In some of our cellular and positioning products, we also control the core technology via our own chip designs and therefore do not rely on lifecycle lengths of third party suppliers.


In everything we do and every product we develop, we ensure each step is designed with the highest quality components in mind. From industrial grade design to ISO 16949 certified manufacturing, we provide the quality, reliability, and value you need in business-critical industrial applications.


We’re used to large scale operations that need fast and smooth commissioning. We understand the importance of secure asset tracking, traceability and condition monitoring. A secure, tamper-free operation is what you need. We have implemented the u-blox pillars of secure IoT (including secure boot, interface security, API control and spoofing/jamming detection) to offer our customers full control.

Full portfolio

u-blox offers you a complete portfolio of wireless and positioning components that give you full control over the location of a device, the timing of a device's data input, and real-time data transfer via the most suitable standard wireless technology. With our products, you get control over the entire Internet of Things architecture.