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Demand for the products and services remains high across our target industrial, automotive and consumer markets. u‑blox’s strength lies in our ability to address the very specific needs of the megatrends and customer needs driving each sector.


In the industrial market, we continue to see healthy demand for our cellular low-power, wide-area (LPWA) communication technologies. Moreover, the new possibilities around high precision positioning and longer-range point-to-point communication, unleashed by Bluetooth 5.1, mean we can solve more problems than ever before.

Driving this demand are applications that rely on knowing what is happening, when it is happening, and where it is happening – often with very high certainty. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is becoming a reality, enabling smarter cities, ease of use and remotely configurable equipment and intelligent medical devices.

Standout resilience
Our products’ robustness enables such applications to really stand out and help our customers succeed. From being able to communicate effectively in the face of electromagnetic interference, to deliver precise location readings in challenging conditions, and to withstand harsh environmental conditions, u‑blox modules give our industrial customers the high confidence their applications demand.


It is a similar story in the automotive space, albeit for different use cases. Our vehicle-to-everything (V2X) connectivity options and high-precision positioning capabilities are striking a chord with automakers, as they develop their advanced driver-assistance systems and ever more autonomous vehicles.

Here again, our products’ reliability is essential. For example, autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles depend on exceptionally accurate positioning. Achieving this in tunnels, urban canyons and other locations, where it is difficult or impossible to get an accurate reading using GNSS signals alone, was a difficult problem to solve. Mitigating the risk posed by signal jamming and spoofing attempts is essential to the overall robustness of our products.

Dependable positioning information
Automakers are demanding exceptionally resilient GNSS technologies and seeking to augment them with correction data services and dead-reckoning.

Our range of high-precision positioning products – including the newly launched ZED-F9K – means we have a comprehensive offering to meet these demanding location-awareness requirements. And with our dedicated V2X communication range alongside it, we are ideally placed to ride the wave for enhanced car safety.


Demand in the high touch consumer market for location-awareness and connectivity is ever increasing. Consumers are educated by all the modern capabilities in their smartphones. Product lifespans are typically much shorter. There is a greater emphasis on speed-to-market and price point. In addition, small form factors, low weight and minimal energy-consumption are also high on the list of requirements.

Key applications include action cameras, drones, fitness equipment, tracker devices and, of course, wearable technology, notably in the new health space.

Expanding our presence
Demand in the consumer market for the types of product we provide is booming. And with our worldwide engineering support presence and exceptionally short product lead times, we are ideally set up to play a big part in helping manufacturers get products to market fast.

We increased our footprint in this space this year with the acquisition of Rigado’s Bluetooth modules business with deep expertise and an established product line targeting the needs of consumer equipment makers. As well as opening doors in the immediate term, the knowledge and market access we have gained will enable us to further strengthen our offering for this market over the coming years.



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