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To stay competitive in today’s market place, you need to reduce your time-to-market, drive innovation, and deliver enhanced functionalities. We offer you a clear business advantage by providing components, software, and services that are tailored to the needs of your business-critical operations.
skyscraper view from the bottom

We talk smart home & buildings

Connected homes and building solutions offer more comfort, convenience, safety, and productivity at home, and in the office, while addressing several major societal and environmental challenges.

We talk automotive & transport

Looking into the future, safety, economic efficiency, mixed mobility, connected traffic, and autonomous systems are driving developments in the automotive and transportation space. 

We talk industry

Industrial IoT gives you unprecedented insight into your supply chain, your production line, and your workforce so that you can control every aspect of your operations.

We talk wearables

Wearables are changing our behavior by redefining how we engage with technology, integrating real‑time sensing, and connecting us with cloud‑based smart services.

We talk smart city

As urbanization continues unabated, cities are recognizing the economic and environmental benefits smart technologies offer to improve resource and infrastructure management.

dron flying over a field

We talk unmanned vehicles

Unmanned vehicles need to be able to navigate from point A to point B with minimal human intervention; they are highly automated or even fully autonomous.


We talk Healthcare

The market for smart health devices is expanding, driven by demography, the rising cost of healthcare, and opportunities offered by digitalization.