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Market position

Automotive remains an important market for us, and we’ve developed a comprehensive offering to service the enormous growth area that is autonomous vehicles. New product launches this year have strengthened our position in this space. Both the UBX-P3 V2X communication chips and F9 high-precision positioning modules were very well received by customers. The F9 platform is compatible with correctional data services, such as the one service we are bringing to market with Bosch, Geo++, and Mitsubishi Electric through the Sapcorda joint venture. All of this combines to give customers a one-stop shop for their accurate and robust location-awareness and connectivity solutions, which are critical to semi- and fully autonomous vehicles.

Industrial markets are also a key focus, where the need for communication and positioning technologies continues to grow. The high-precision localization offered by the F9 modules is as important in this market as it is in automotive. On the communications side, our newly launched SARA-R412, a truly globally certified multi-mode LTE-M/NB-IoT device, is the smallest on the market, enabling robust and low-power long-range links between the growing numbers of remote, moving assets in the world.