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Job openings

u‑blox is a leading fabless semiconductor provider of embedded positioning and wireless communication solutions. Our multi‑national employees working in 21 countries develop, deliver, and support high quality products. With their ideas, expertise, and passion for their work, they contribute to the successful achievement of u‑blox’s strategic goals.

Becoming part of the u‑blox team

Recruitment at u‑blox is:

  • Professional
  • Structured and well‑organized
  • Transparent

All our open positions are published under job openings: anyone interested and qualified can directly apply online.


The first interview will be held by skype or telephone. Candidates directly discuss the requirements of the position with their future line manager and what challenging tasks they can expect. They also learn more about u‑blox. At the end of the interview, the next steps in the process are discussed.

As preparation for the second interview, candidates are invited to take an online personality test (a tool for better understanding the candidate's strengths and fit to the needs of the position) and, depending on the position, a presentation / task must be prepared by the candidate.

Second interviews take place on site and candidates have the opportunity to meet their line manager and their team and see their future work environment. Any open questions can be clarified, additional details about the position and the expected skills, experiences and capabilities are discussed, and the results of the personality test are explained. At the end of the interview, the candidate will have a clear impression of the job, the company and the organization.

Decision making

From our point of view, skills, experience and capabilities are important aspects to be considered for filling a position. But that's not all! To have a good working environment and team atmosphere, it is no less significant to make sure that new hires fit well into the team. Significant team members join in for the interviews and are involved in the decision‑making process.

We know the variety of personalities and skills that we have in our groups. This makes the desired profile of a candidate clearer and we know exactly what we are looking for.



Every new hire receives a tailored introduction program. The line manager prepares it together with HR, so that all needs from all sides are covered. Our onboarding process ensures a smooth start for all of our employees.


New challenge needed?

Check if there is an open position which fits your skills and take the next step in your career path with us.

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