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IoT Security-as-a-Service

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Average time to identify a breach in 2019



Attacks on Internet of Things devices


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Time between hacker attacks



Securing the IoT from end to end

The internet continually links more and more physical objects. Of course in IoT we need to secure the data traffic and networks, but we also need to secure the community of things. When your top line revenue is impacted due to device hacking, the entire business is at risk. If your data cannot be trusted, it can be a significant cost to fix these problems, effecting the bottom line. As you can imagine, an IoT security breach can cause real physical harm, making safety a paramount concern. Your safety. Our passion. IoT Security-as-a-Service.

Discover how to access u‑blox Thingstream and leverage IoT Security-as-a-Service with this getting started guide.

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Trust and control your device

The first step is to ensure you can fully trust and control your device. Your device needs a unique and immutable identity that is baked into the hardware. This provides the foundation for a trusted set of advanced security functionalities that ensure authenticity and protection from attacks.


Protect your data

The next step is to ensure that your data at rest cannot be read or manipulated by others and always remains intact and authentic. Do you really need a secure memory to do this? Discover the innovative u‑blox solution designed to protect data privacy.

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Simplify secure communication

Data is the main asset of your business. Encrypting and transferring data in IoT settings requires complex and expensive solutions that involve millions of devices. Our solution simplifies development and operations, enormously increases the level of security, while reducing data usage, power consumption and cost.

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You decide the access

With each device uniquely identified, the device always knows its owner, even if the owner changes. It becomes simple and secure to control the access to your device and the onboarding to market-leading IoT cloud platforms.

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