Terminal logistics and warehouse automation

Warehouse technology can help find a specific item among millions of others with indoor and outdoor positioning solutions that combine GPS, Wi-Fi sniffing, and Bluetooth indoor positioning.

Warehouse automation can be an asset in fast-moving environments where thousands, if not millions, of individual supply chains intersect. This happens at cargo terminals, logistics hubs, and vendor warehouses, making them some of the most logistically challenging environments. 

Monitoring the location of palettes, roll cages, or Kanban containers containing goods and leveraging the benefits of automation systems is essential to efficiently fulfill orders, plan capacity, and address bottlenecks as they arise.

Key automated warehouse applications: cargo terminal and logistics hubs

Cargo terminal automation systems for airports and intermodal terminals

Automation warehouse systems can provide air and sea cargo terminals with precise operational support for secure asset delivery. These environments benefit from seamless indoor/outdoor positioning solutions, such as combining GPS with Bluetooth mesh and direction finding.

Pallet and roll cage tracking

Automation manufacturers can maximize coverage of pallets, IBCs, and roll cages, widely used in logistics for efficient warehouse goods handling. To achieve this, they can equip them with trackers that require redundant positioning technologies such as a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi sniffing, and Bluetooth direction finding.

Kanban containers

Kanban containers, standard in intralogistics for loose items like screws, nuts, and bolts, use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for warehouse automation. Replacing these with Bluetooth low-energy tags simplifies infrastructure for inbound/outbound raw material monitoring systems and improves global scalability.

Benefits of u-blox solutions     

  • Seamless indoor and outdoor positioning by combining GPS technology, cell tower fingerprinting (CellLocate), passive Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth indoor positioning
  • Simplified data management with u-blox communication as a service
  • Standard u-blox API for outdoor and indoor positioning
  • Indoor positioning with sub-meter accuracy

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