Special offer for InterGEO 2023

Apply here for a free high-precision, GNSS evaluation kit.

Do you have a sub-decimeter precision GNSS project in development?

Does it require an industry-leading, high-precision, multi-band GNSS module?

Would it benefit from an efficient and scalable GNSS augmentation service?

Interested in a free prototyping kit for fast-tracking the development of this application?

lara-r600 module pictured from bird's eye view, zoomed in

Fill in this form for a chance to come and meet us at InterGEO to discuss your project and take away the XPLR-HPG-2, high-precision GNSS explorer kit worth over €500.

We'll have technical team members from the fields of GNSS receivers and u-blox augmentation services ready to offer their expertise and discuss your project with you.

All we ask of you is some insight into your project and discuss the potential to create a case study around the application.


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