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Successful innovation is about using technology to solve real-world challenges in a lasting way

For u‑blox to remain at the forefront of our field, we need to keep innovating. This is why we invest more than CHF 78.9 million every year on R&D and now have 16 research facilities around the world - home to 835 engineers.

Of course, innovation is about more than simply money and people power. Successful innovation, we believe, is when you create products and services that deliver long-term solutions to real-life challenges. This is why the first step of our R&D process is to listen – so that we truly understand the problems we are trying to solve.

The art of listening

We listen to our customers and their customers. We listen to our partners. We listen to academics and researchers. We listen to our peers in related industries. And we listen to our people, who are our eyes and ears on the ground. We have a direct sales channel with highly competent technical staff dialoguing daily with our customers.

Curating and analyzing this insight gives us a broad and deep understanding of the issues customers are facing today. It also provides us with the intelligence to forecast where our markets are heading next.

Innovation that delivers results

As a result, our R&D engineers are able to create solutions that are genuinely valuable to our customers in the short, medium and long- term. And the evidence shows it works.

Take our decision, some years ago, to invest heavily in our 802.11p-based vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications products, in anticipation of this becoming the key short range V2X technology. Fast-forward to today and we are seeing major vehicle manufacturers launching cars with 802.11p-based driver-assistance systems. Thanks to our foresight and investment in this area, we are in exactly the right place to play a key role in the evolution of the car.

Our customer-centric innovation process

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