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As markets and applications become more complex u‑blox focuses on the three key markets automotive, industrial and consumer. To satisfy the evolving needs of these markets, we work with partners and eco‑systems. We work with the bigger customers without losing sight of the smaller customers. For us, it's about quality in everything we do; from the wireless and positioning module / chip to the relationship we build with the customer.


u‑blox’ embedded semiconductor solutions for global positioning and wireless communications are at the heart of hundreds of automotive, industrial and consumer applications around the world. Our proven solutions enable people, devices, vehicles and machines to locate their exact position and wirelessly communicate via voice, text or video.

Whether for professional, mobile or recreational applications, we invite you to explore our embedded positioning and wireless products and solutions. Our goal is to help you design products that can calculate their position and wirelessly communicate reliably, quickly and cost‑effectively.

Automotive markets

Autonomous driving through so called Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are just as popular terms as the connected car in Internet of Things. u‑blox offers wireless and positioning solutions especially tailored to fit the needs of these emerging markets.

Navigation is a standard feature in today’s cars. But getting you where you want to go is just the beginning. u‑blox’ robust positioning, UMTS, GSM, CDMA, LTE, Bluetooth, Wi‑Fi, NFC technologies allow OEM designers to put a whole new array of helpful, entertaining as well as critical emergency services at the driver’s fingertips. Features such as automated trip advisor wirelessly downloads details about your surroundings to inform you of up‑to‑the‑minute traffic and parking conditions, special attractions, hotels, service stations and restaurants along your route. Assistance is automatically summoned in the event of an accident, emergency or breakdown.

Further, the ability to recover stolen vehicles is becoming a hot global issue. u‑blox’ ultra‑small, yet highly sensitive positioning modules combined with cellular connectivity provides the perfect solution to this growing problem. Additionally, in‑vehicle positioning can also be used to record location, speeds, and acceleration for use in “crash‑logging”. When chosen as an option, this feature can dramatically reduce insurance costs to the driver.

Industrial markets

Internet of things - and the connected industry - is where the value is in the data. Here, u‑blox solutions are found in aviation, oil and gas, transportation, power generation and distribution, manufacturing, healthcare and mining. Keeping accurate track of valuable assets via global positioning and wireless communication streamline your supply chain. Whether for fleet management, vehicle recovery, locating people or shipments, u‑blox has the right embedded positioning and wireless M2M solutions that combine high‑sensitivity, small size and low power consumption with industrial temperature range. u‑bloxs’ asset tracking solutions let you combine positioning with the power to communicate over the world’s largest mobile network.

Our embedded GSM, UMTS, CDMA, LTE, Bluetooth, Wi‑Fi and NFC modules support a diverse range of machine‑to‑machine (M2M) applications such as remote automation and control, remote metering, security systems, vending machines, digital signage, point of sales terminals and eHealth devices. Our GNSS precision timing technology provides a precision reference clock accurate to 15 billionth of a second to support time‑critical applications such as synchronization of distributed computer systems and mobile base‑stations.

Consumer markets

Embedded in navigation systems, smartphones, tablets, notebooks and recreational devices, our positioning and wireless solutions do much more than guide you to your destination; they can help you find your friends, your car, useful services and points of interest that are relevant to where you are, and where you are going.

Our products are used in a growing range of handheld tracking and recreational devices such as child and pet locators, golf range‑finder, jogging, marine and fishing equipment. Whether for fun or for safety, u‑blox’ highly‑integrated, ultra‑sensitive positioning and GSM/UMTS/CDMA/LTE/Bluetooth/Wi‑Fi/NFC modules, chipsets, and services enable consumer devices to keep you aware of the world around you, no matter where you are. Our wireless modules also allow cost‑effective, high‑speed mobile routers / hotspot to connect you easily with the internet.

Smart City

Typical Smart City applications include waste management, utility metering, traffic regulation, parking, street and stop lights, payment systems and road pricing/tolling, as well as environmental and pollution monitoring, At u‑blox, we work to put the “Smart” in Smart City with wireless and positioning components that make city management more efficient. These smart components enable the creation of innovative applications to change the way cities operate and become smart