Why choose u-blox?

The fast track to wireless connectivity

Imagine equipment that is in constant rapid motion at -40°C; it is monitored, maintained, updated, and operated wirelessly from a distance, massively increasing uptime and personal safety. Or, a sensitive gene duplication device where the whole gene sequence process is performed in a 100% sterile environment thanks to high-speed reliable wireless solutions. This is the essence of u-blox – wireless solutions designed to meet tough demands for robust behavior and high performance. We make wireless easy for you thanks to:

  • Globally certified, ready-to-use components
  • Feature rich, out-of-the box connectivity software: u‑connect
  • Flexibility for customers to choose an open CPU
  • Robust and security-focused offering
  • Development tools and technical support to help customers achieve a short time-to market with efficient use of their own engineering teams
  • Our reputation as a trustworthy partner with extensive experience in wireless technologies

Working with u-blox isn’t just about buying a wireless component. It’s about joining forces to find the best wireless solution. The mix of combined expertise is filtered through a toolbox of software, hardware, and industry-specific specialists and then poured into a fully-formed wireless solution.

Proven track record

When we started with wireless in 2000, we focused on a few key requirements: reliability, performance, and commitment. Still today, these requirements are the focus of our operations. We offer an industry-proven short range radio portfolio for demanding IoT applications where secure and robust connectivity is non-negotiable. Our robust and high performing components are designed and tested for the most demanding applications. This is who we are. We provide a safe step into the wireless future.

Broad & flexible portfolio

Our short range radio products are designed for industrial, mission critical, and automotive applications. Our offering consists of wireless stand-alone or host-based chips and modules, as well as our u‑connect software covering Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, V2X, or a combination of wireless technologies (Multiradio). Our form factor strategy makes it easier for customers to grow or update without re-designs on hardware.


Proven in use and put to the test, our wireless modules outperform the competition. We offer alternatives with or without on-board antennas, and if they are on-board, they are tailored to fit end device physical constraints. Our modules show superior data transfer rates, distance covered, or both. And we have adopted special co-existence features to make Bluetooth co-exist nicely with LTE technologies to work well with other products in the u-blox portfolio. And, of course, we have optimized our solutions when it comes to size and power consumption


Everyone working in wireless knows the importance of regulatory certifications and it goes without saying that we do too. Indeed, our products are worldwide certified. On top of that, we adhere to the Bluetooth qualification program and listing, health and safety regulations, medical electrical equipment standards, as well as hazardous location stipulations. And, naturally, we make sure to re-certify according to new or updated standards and mandates taking that hurdle away from our customers.


As our wireless components operate in business-critical applications, we understand the importance of security, quality, and reliability. For instance, we have adopted the u‑blox pillars of secure IoT (including secure boot, interface security, API control and spoofing/jamming detection) to offer our customers full control. But that is not all. We have over 15 years track record in demanding industry applications, we work with a long-term product life-cycle process, we ship millions of units worldwide each year, and we offer well-established logistics processes to fulfil our customers’ long- and short term demands.

The devil is in the details – one minute, everything’s running smoothly. And the next, it’s gridlock. That is why reliability means everything to Cairong. Wireless made easy at https://t.co/aOV0EeRcYh #WirelessReliability #Bluetooth #WiFi #V2X #WirelessMadeEasy pic.twitter.com/eCaBjmRWa9

— u-blox (@ublox) May 14, 2019

Customer focus

We help our customers throughout their product lifecycle. To realize this promise, we offer several resources to help you in your wireless design work. For instance, we offer local field application engineer (FAE) support with global reach, support tools (like configuration and test tools, evaluation kits, and blueprints), documentation, customer-centric design reviews, and an established partner network to complement our portfolio delivery to meet the needs of bringing a complete customer device to market.


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