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Service description and price



Foundation security 

Foundation security features are included in the module free of charge. There is no activation step necessary.

The list of services is available on the service description page.


Design security 

With a pay-per-use approach, you pay only for the features activated for each device. We aim to simplify your business, and that is the reason there is a unique fixed price for each feature included in this package: 


USD 0.38 / feature activation / module 


EUR 0.36 / feature activation / module 

The list of features is available on the service description page.


End-to-end security 

For us, providing flexibility is a MUST. We are able to support every type of business model independent of factors such as: 

  • Which service you decide to use 
  • How often you need to use the service (once a hour, once a day, …) 
  • How long you need to use the service (constantly over a year, 5 days every month,…) 
  • Which module is using the service (such as if one module is using the service much more frequently than another) 


You will always pay the same unique fixed price. In this way, you can really find the best solution for your business. 


USD 0.003 / API call / module 


EUR 0.0029 / API call / module 

The list of services is available on the service description page.


Access control 

Coming soon… the services and the price are not yet available, but will follow the same pay-per-use approach independent of which service is used.


Summary table 

Product USD EUR
Foundation security Free of charge Free of charge
Design security 0.38 0.36
End-to-end security 0.003 0.0029
Access control Available soon Available soon



You will receive an electronic invoice delivered to the email address provided during the sign-up procedure. The invoice includes the usage of all Core Protection services, listed by service type: 

  • Design security 
  • End-to-end security 
  • Access control 

The invoice reports the usage details and the expenditure for each day of the billing period, condensed by each technical service (not per device). 

The billing period is defined as the period between the first and the last calendar day of each month.


Payment methods 

u‑blox accepts electronic bank transfers in USD and EUR as payment methods. The bank account details are reported in the invoice. 

Other payment methods will follow during the course of 2020.