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Meet the people

There is no old school or new school at u‑blox. Just professionals and experts looking at things from new and different angles. Innovators, experts in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and V2X, that know the demands of challenging applications. This is why we have to excel at what we do. We have to employ and develop staff with great experience from industrial demands on lead-times, performance, and technical documentation as well as young and innovative brains that can define the future of wireless technology. Together we solve today’s issues using tomorrow’s technology.

Meet Fredrik

security, reliability, customer focus, and adapting to the unknown

Mistakes are not an option – neither in Fredrik’s professional nor his personal life. Being an experienced ice‑climber, he understands the importance of safety and security as you take ... Read more

Meet Cairong

reliability, quality, attention to detail, being prepared for the unknown

The devil is in the details – one minute, everything’s running smoothly. And the next, it’s gridlock. That is why reliability means everything to Cairong. Quality is non‑negotiable. And stress – it's ... Read more

Meet Markus

innovation, design, curiosity

Hardware developer Markus likes to build “things” – whether he’s at work designing a wireless module or at home wirelessly enabling his DIY outdoor oven. Mechanics, electronics, and software are ... Read more

Meet Len

freedom, connecting things and people, collaborating to find the best solution

Product Manager Len has a passion for wireless, whether at home, on his motorcycle, or at work. Wireless offers Len freedom and new possibilities. At work, we call Len our human wireless hub. He’s ... Read more

Meet Pelle

wireless seniority, wisdom, always curious to see what wireless can bring to industrial applications

Wireless has been a key part of Pelle’s life ever since Bluetooth was launched back in 1998. He has had a front‑row seat to watch wireless evolve and even shape the process. But he is still curious to ... Read more

Meet Tina & Sally

caring, tracking, meeting and engaging with people

Our office and HR manager Tina is rarely seen without our office dog Sally. Sally is the ultimate ice‑breaker when someone new arrives at the office, but she is equally important to everyone already ... Read more

Meet Hanna

passion for wireless, teamwork collaboration, connectivity between people and things

Hanna life passions are cycling, her family and wireless connectivity. Smart technology allows her to connect. To follow herself and others. It holds her accountable and keeps her on track. Her ... Read more

Meet Andreas

creativity, wireless applications, customer success

As a software engineer, Andreas always looks for new creative ways to use Bluetooth and Wi‑Fi. Connecting homes, people, and things has been his focus for 20 years. Because it’s all about making ... Read more

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