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Industrial asset tracking

Gain visibility into every aspect of your supply chain with wireless communication, seamless indoor and outdoor positioning, and the cloud. Protect your goods from theft and tampering, increase reliability, security, operational efficiency, and save costs.

The IoT is transforming industrial asset tracking and supply chain management. Digitizing operations by combining sensing and positioning technologies, wireless communication, and the cloud is driving new opportunities to optimize logistics, improve forecasting capabilities, and detect and mitigate theft, fraud, and tampering.

u‑blox offers a complete portfolio of positioning, wireless communication, and data management solutions to build secure, low maintenance, and globally certified asset tracking and supply chain management solutions that will increase your operational efficiencies, save costs, and satisfy your customers.

Benefits of IoT asset tracking

  • Gain real-time visibility on the location of tracked assets at rest and in transit
  • Increase quality through continuous data collection and monitoring of high-value, perishable, and sensitive goods
  • Improve inventory planning for time-sensitive logistics
  • Detect theft, tampering, and operational inefficiencies to optimize supply chain flow
  • Automate supply chain processes including loading/unloading and custom clearance

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The tug is pulling a huge cargo ship

Trailer and intermodal cargo container tracking

Ultra-low-power location tracking for trailers and cargo containers on roads, rail, and sea integrating GPS positioning with cellular and satellite communication.

A truck driver controlling the temperature in the cooling track

Asset monitoring, cold chain tracking, and supply chain optimization

Asset tracking and quality monitoring across the supply chain with secure back-end data management to assess the status of assets, detect theft and tampering, and identify operational bottlenecks.

A man in front of huge containers

Terminal, logistics hub, and warehouse automation and monitoring

Container, pallet, and asset monitoring in terminals, logistics hubs, and warehouses using indoor and outdoor positioning, cellular communication, cameras, and ISM RF technologies.