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How we create value

A connected sustainable future

At u‑blox, we develop the tech solutions to tomorrow’s toughest challenges.

We develop innovative, reliable positioning and wireless communication solutions that securely connect vehicles, industries, cities, buildings and millions of people around the world. Our innovation enables life-saving medical care, sustainable communities, efficient utility networks and robust global communications infrastructure.

To continue providing leading solutions – capable of linking up billions of people and devices – we have aligned our growth strategy with four megatrends: mobility, Industry 4.0, urbanization and new health – all underpinned by a fifth megatrend: security.

The foundations underpinning our value-creation


The value we create for our key stakeholders



We reliably deliver innovative, responsibly sourced products and services, designed to maximize customer competitiveness and growth.


We offer our global teams a safe, healthy, inclusive and inspiring workplace, rewarding salaries, ample development opportunities and a generous pension plan.


For decades, we have consistently delivered profitable growth, while always maintaining high standards of business ethics. Given the role we are playing in the future of vehicles, cities, industry and healthcare, we are ideally placed to continue on this path of profitability.


We create the building blocks that will make tomorrow’s world smarter for millions of people. And by providing more than 1,000 highly skilled and highly paid jobs, we are a major contributor to many national economies.

The environment

The high sustainability standards we demand of ourselves and our suppliers minimizes the environmental impact of our operations.

Moreover, our products and services open up whole new ways for people and businesses to reduce their environmental footprints, from wireless communication replacing travel, to positioning technology that guides vehicle drivers to the quickest route home, avoiding traffic jams.