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Customer story: AddMobile

How u-blox products are making construction sites safer and more efficient

How u‑blox products are making construction sites safer and more efficient

Our positioning, cellular and short-range modules are helping make building projects safer and more efficient.

For construction projects to run safely and smoothly, operations teams need to know where workers, visitors and equipment are at all times. AddMobile’s comprehensive management platform, the AddMobile Toolbox, helps enable this – and more.

At the heart of AddMobile’s asset management products are u‑blox technologies, from all three of our product families. They include the MAX-M8 GNSS module, SARA-G3 GSM/GPRS cellular module and NINA-B1 Bluetooth 5 low energy module.

How it works

Tracking hubs are placed around construction sites and in works vehicles. These pick up signals from asset tags, such as Bluetooth beacons or GPS-trackers, and send data back to the AddMobile cloud.

The AddMobile Toolbox suite empowers project managers to monitor asset locations and conditions, control site access, manage work orders and much more.

“There are two big attractions about working with u‑blox,” says Bo Lyvall, Business Development Manager at AddMobile. “Our beacons and hubs rely on a combination of GNSS positioning, cellular connectivity and Bluetooth short-range radio interfaces. Firstly, u‑blox provides all three technologies in one place which makes it easier (no need to find several suppliers, all embedded). And secondly, they have great support engineers local to our Malmö base. This is hugely valuable in helping us use their technology to realize our vision.”

Bright future

And this is only the start. There are exciting opportunities to use longer-range Bluetooth and cellular technologies to further enhance the AddMobile portfolio.

We are looking forward to continuing our relationship, to help ensure our future buildings and infrastructure are constructed more safely and efficiently than ever before.