Mobile World Congress. Barcelona

27 February 2023, 09:00

Fira Gran Via, Barcelona

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u-blox services 


u-blox services make it simple to connect and locate everyThing.

At MWC, we will feature solutions ideally suited for asset tracking applications as they provide ultra-low power saving for energy constrained IoT devices.

IoT Communication-as-a-service overcomes the hidden complexity of communicating data between IoT devices and the enterprise. MQTT Anywhere enables longer battery life for low-power IoT devices at predictable cost  with on-demand scalability.

CloudLocate brings power autonomy to power constrained IoT devices by offloading positioning calculation to the cloud. Designed for asset tracking applications. 10x power saving vs stand alone GNSS. Low bandwidth: only the uplink is needed, A-GNSS is not needed. 

Connect and locate your assets with months or even years of power autonomy using MQTT Anywhere and CloudLocate. 

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