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Environmental responsibility

u-blox is committed to ensuring that the company’s products are as green as possible. We especially support power-saving and environmentally conscious products and seek to reduce energy consumption, prevent pollution, minimize the use of hazardous materials and continually communicate with employees and suppliers on the company’s policy and commitment to the environment, safety and health (ESH) management.

Environmental compliance

We regularly ensure that our key manufacturing partners comply fully with legal, industrial and customer‑specific environmental requirements. Such close collaboration requires a suitable database and management solution for environment data collection, storage, reporting and compliance checks. u‑blox works with key contract manufacturers and suppliers to put new measures in place that will enable more effective and efficient control over our environmental and sustainability objectives.


Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions

u‑blox’ products are indirectly contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions worldwide. Our products can lead to a reduction in travel- and transportation‑related CO2 emissions, for example u‑blox solutions help to optimize the routing of trucks and enhance driver behavior for low emissions; in vending they can avoid unnecessary travel to refill machines; in utility meters they avoid visits to read the meter; in navigation they help find the shortest route to the destination, etc. u‑blox’ direct impact on CO2 emissions is low since u‑blox outsources the manufacturing of its products to third parties. Our manufacturing partners all run individual programs for the reduction of CO2 emissions. Furthermore u‑blox has implemented measures to help reduce travel‑related CO2 emissions of its employees: at our headquarters, u‑blox covers the cost of public transportation from home to office, encouraging employees to not use a car.