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ehealth magazine


Despite the vast and varied challenges that the global COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon us, there is ample ground for optimism. Repeatedly, we have seen how in times of crisis innovation and technological adoption go into overdrive. And we are seeing it again, across indus- tries. We are living through a societal, technological, and economic inflection point that is unlikely to be undone, even once the pandemic subsides.

23 November 2020

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IoT security magazine

IoT Security

The latest edition of "u" takes a deep dive into IoT security – what it is, why it matters, and what you can do to protect your – and your customers' – business. Find out how hackers are constantly finding new ways to weaponize the IoT and monetize their activities, and learn what you can do to implement security that meets the IoT’s unique needs.

01 May 2020

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connected future u-blox magazine

Connected future

When you think about the future, what do you see? Flying cars? Robotic nurses? Green cities that respond to our every need?
While we need imagination to conceive our shared tomorrow, innovation, commercialization, and implementation are, ultimately, what get it built. It’s about hitting the sweet spot between the cutting edge and what actually adds value.

01 November 2019

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Connected buildings

Do you talk to your home? And more importantly, does it listen? Just a decade ago, these questions would have seemed absurd. Today, they reflect reality in millions of households around the world, as the Internet of Things expands into – and enables – a new generation of smart, connected buildings.

01 May 2019

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Roboter placing cherry on a cupcake

Connected food

In this sixth edition of our u-blox magazine, we explore the transformational impact digitalization has already had on the global food industry, as well as its future potential to tackle some of the challenges that lie ahead.

01 November 2018

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Connected people

Where is our brave new connected society headed? This magazine will take you on a tour of the connected society and the many future applications it has the potential to enable.

01 May 2018

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The connected industry

We are in the midst of a fourth industrial revolution, where sensors wirelessly send data over the Internet to machines or people where they are analyzed to automate processes and enable productivity gains and better products. Join us as we dissect the connected industry of the future.

01 November 2017

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Born in 1997

We are delighted to present to you the third edition of the u-blox magazine, celebrating twenty years of technological, geographic, and market expansion. Let us take you on a trip down memory lane and peer into bright future ahead.

01 May 2017

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The connected city

By 2050, more than 60 percent of the world’s population will be living in cities. It seems only inevitable that a city should become smarter to accommodate this growth and meet the needs of its inhabitants. But did you ever wonder what the connected city of the future might look like?

01 November 2016

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The connected vehicle

We are thrilled to present you the first edition of “u” – the u blox technology magazine. In it, we look at how the Internet of Things is revolutionizing the automotive industry - reinventing mobility patterns and expanding the driver's experience in ways never seen before. Buckle up!

01 May 2016

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27 May 2021

Future-proofing EV charging solutions with wireless connectivity

The EV charging market is booming as a growing number of individuals and businesses are opting for electric vehicles (EVs) for their reduced environmental impact, low operation and maintenance costs, and, crucially, monetary and non-monetary subsidies. This white paper provides an overview of the wireless connectivity technologies that can be used to enable and control the EV charging process and offers recommendations on their implementation into successful solutions.

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10 May 2021

Low-power GPS for tracking applications

Global availability and high accuracy have made global navigation satellite system (GNSS) technology a key enabler for a growing number of consumer, industrial, and automotive tracking applications. In this white paper, we offer our insights into strategies to reduce the power consumption of GNSS-based tracking devices, gained over 20+ years driving innovation in this area.

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07 December 2020

Selecting the right hardware architecture for IoT tracking solutions

No single hardware architecture addresses the diverse IoT tracking market’s full spectrum of needs. This white paper offers guidance to select the technology solution that best meets your use case’s requirements.

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18 February 2020

Reducing the impact of RF interference to improve GNSS performance

GNSS receivers are finding their way into an ever-growing variety of devices, from connected wearables, homes, and vehicles to people, vehicles, and asset trackers. Co-packaging GNSS receivers with cellular and short-range modems challenges the GNSS receivers, whose performance can be degraded by RF signals emitted by the wireless modem during transmission.

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27 September 2019

Four steps to IoT security

IoT devices are exposed to a wide variety of rapidly evolving threats, often intended to disrupt their communications or misuse their capabilities. This white paper equips you with the background, vocabulary and key concepts necessary to develop and deploy IoT ecosystems that are resilient to evolving cyber-threats.

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08 May 2019

Energy Harvesting

This paper discusses the design and use of a cellular IoT application circuit that is powered from harvested energy. The application combines GNSS-based positioning as well as short range (Bluetooth) and cellular (NB-IoT and LTE-M) communication. The solution developed uses the u-blox SARA-R4 (LTE Cat M1 / NB1) or the u-blox SARA-N2 (LTE Cat NB1) cellular modules, the u-blox NINA-B1 Bluetooth low energy module and applications processor, and the u-blox ZOE-M8 GNSS receiver. In addition there are several sensors for ambient light, UV, motion, temperature, humidity, magnetic detection and air pressure. A video of the vibration harvester example is available on YouTube. While energy harvesting is the focus of this paper, all the techniques described apply just as well to any ultra-low power system operating from a primary battery.

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02 November 2018

Accurate timing for the IoT

Time synchronization is crucial in all network applications, from the Internet to industrial, financial, and scientific applications. This has led to the development of a variety of approaches to achieve highly accurate synchronization of devices across networks. Today, the spread of the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the timing game. An increasing number of distributed applications are wireless, so we face a big opportunity but also a challenge, how do we distribute highly synchronized timing wirelessly?

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19 February 2018

The Navigation Conundrum

Global navigation satellite system (GNSS) technology has become seemingly ubiquitous in our daily lives, embedded in everything from car navigation systems to wearable devices. The following white paper looks at the current state of GNSS functionality in terms of accuracy, size, power, and cost. It then goes on to outline what needs to be done to deliver the necessary high precision solutions for given applications as well as the framework required for a new era in GNSS accessibility.

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29 September 2017

Innovation Trends in Cellular Connectivity for Alarm Panels

This paper discusses some use cases related to the adoption of cellular connectivity technology in alarm panels and connected buildings, and how manufacturers of such devices can improve their time to market, enrich the feature set, and enhance the added values of their applications when adopting cellular and short range connectivity modules.

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13 September 2017

Super-E: low power and good performance

Find the best balance of size and performance in GNSS solutions for portable applications with Super-E.

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29 September 2021

MQTT Masterclass. Session 1. 8am - 9am BST

An in-depth look at the primary protocol designed for IoT communication. The agenda: • MQTT and IoT. The facts behind why MQTT is the de-facto protocol for IoT communications • Why The technical committee from OASIS, one of the most respected, non-profit standards bodies in the world • MQTT Tutorial. An in-depth look at the MQTT protocol • Power Benefits of MQTT-SN, the low-power derivative of MQTT • MQTT-SN Tutorial. An in-depth look at the MQTT-SN protocol


29 September 2021

MQTT Masterclass. Session 2. 4pm - 5pm BST

An in-depth look at the premier protocol designed for IoT communication. The agenda: • MQTT and IoT. The facts behind why MQTT is the de-facto protocol for IoT communications • Why The technical committee from OASIS, one of the most respected, non-profit standards bodies in the world • MQTT Tutorial. An in-depth look at the MQTT protocol • Power Benefits of MQTT-SN, the low-power derivative of MQTT • MQTT-SN Tutorial. An in-depth look at the MQTT-SN protocol


20 July 2021

Find out how you can reduce the GNSS power consumption by up to 90%

You will learn about the key trade-offs you need to consider to balance GNSS power consumption, performance, and cost. We will cover: • Low power as a key enabler for new use cases • Firmware options to reduce power • Use case specific guidance to lower the power • u-blox M10 ultra-low power platform introduction


30 June 2021

The Importance of Making IPR Part of Your Cellular Module Supplier Selection Process

In this webinar you will learn what to look for when choosing your cellular components and why it is important to understand what patent coverage your cellular module supplier is offering. Agenda: • IPR risks to IoT businesses • Background on SEP licensing • Real world experiences • Guest speaker perspectives


26 May 2021

Selecting the Best Design Options for Your IoT Tracking Solution

There are three ways to integrate GNSS with a cellular module, including a system-on-chip design, stand-alone solution and combo module. Our expert's Samuele Falcomer and Bernd Heidtmann will help you determine which combo module application and stand-alone solutions are right for you. To watch the recording of this webinar, please follow this link.


11 May 2021

Cloud positioning, a breakthrough solution that can transform your IoT business by leveraging unmatched power autonomy.

In the recording of this webinar, you will learn from the experts at u-blox about CloudLocate; a new, modern and powerful location service. CloudLocate delivers cloud-based-positioning to grant power autonomy to IoT tracking applications, with guaranteed global availability and quality of service. Extend your business into new markets and empower your company by using CloudLocate's advantages.


27 April 2021

Connectivity strategies to optimize power consumption for power-constrained IoT Devices.

In the recording of this webinar, we demonstrate various example strategies to optimize power consumption for IoT constrained applications, such as asset tracking. PSM and eDRX are useful for LPWA devices, but is there a smarter choice? We discussed the benefits of using the MQTT protocol. Data transmitted from device to cloud must be protected, especially critical data. For example, during a connected health session (e.g., a private hospital) the encryption and overhead of secure sessions are strong influencers of energy used. Looking at the broader picture of connectivity, there are intelligent trade-offs in bearer coverage versus business opportunity.


08 January 2021

Bluetooth for High Precision Indoor Positioning

Eager for accurate indoor positioning? Bluetooth direction finding, introduced with Bluetooth 5.1, lets users locate assets, people, and anything else indoors with meter-level accuracy, paving the way for new indoor positioning use cases and business models.


17 December 2020

Master Hardware Designs to prevent RF Interference Webinar

In the beginning of the year we had our first webinar about RF interference. The response was very positive and it motivated us to work on a second webinar on the topic. This time round, we will dive deeper into the world of RF interference and share in-depth technical know-how. The details shared will be useful for all who deal with GNSS chip and modules on a day to day basis.


08 October 2020

Webinar: u-blox IoT Security-as-a-Service: how to protect your data and your business from device to cloud

Learn how this innovative solution makes it extremely simple to protect data from malicious third parties, both on the device and during transmission from the device to the cloud. Speed up development and shorten time-to-market with this out-of-the box, simple, secure, and cost-effective onboarding process to leading cloud IoT platforms.