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Our diversified, global base of customers and how we acquire and support them

The size and diversity of our customer portfolio are two of our greatest strengths. It numbers more than 7,200, spans the Americas, EMEA and APAC, and services the industrial, automotive and consumer sectors. Importantly, our largest customer is responsible for just 4.0% of annual revenues. This all combines to give us a broad and stable foundation on which to grow the business further. With our 100 largest customers based in 22 different countries, we are truly diversified across accounts and geographies.

Exceptional customer experiences

This success is underpinned by our ongoing focus on looking after customers at every stage of their u‑blox journey. We pride ourselves in having both sales and engineering resources close to our global customer base to help them get the most out of our products and services.

Increased presence in the Americas

2019 saw us make a significant change in the way we go to market in the Americas. In this region, our salesforce was traditionally made up of u‑blox employees. This direct sales channel ensured a great experience for customers and delivered direct feedback from the markets.

Over the last 12 months, we have added a regional network of channel partners. This was a fast and cost-effective way for us to get more people on the ground, gain access to some strategic customers and present our products to a large new audience.

We have hand-picked each of these organizations based on their ability to deliver the exceptional customer service we always strive for. Some partners have strong ties to large accounts and key decision-makers in these accounts. Others are specialized in serving the multitude of smaller accounts and supplying samples upon request.

Every partner has a strong field application engineering and support function. We have set up comprehensive training programs to ensure these teams are equipped with extensive u‑blox product knowledge.

We are confident that our enhanced sales force will rapidly increase our customer footprint in the Americas while still providing them with the level of service and technical expertise u‑blox has become famous for. We expect to see the first results in the coming 12 months.