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PUSH rugged multi-sport smart gauge

PUSH SuperNova with u‑blox GPS eliminates need to have dedicated gadgets for each sport

push supernova

PUSH Inc., a company developing consumer products for sports enthusiasts to view, capture and share their adventures, designed its PUSH SuperNova rugged multi‑sport smart gauge with a u­-blox GPS PAM‑7Q antenna module. The product was a finalist in Engadget Insert Coin’s annual competition held during Engadget Expand at Javits Center in New York City Nov. 7‑8, 2014. 

The u‑blox GPS smart antenna module allows PUSH SuperNova to have a 10 times faster update rate compared to typical phone‑based applications. Faster update rates create better visibility that is critical for rapid velocity and directional changes, where timing sensitive and accurate paths are key. The product also provides GPS reception when phone‑based solutions would be out range from cell towers.

PUSH SuperNova eliminates the need to have dedicated gadgets for each sport. Its rugged sealed case can go anywhere, and its modular design allows customization for a wide variety of sports including biking, motocross, skiing and scuba diving. PUSH SuperNova multi‑sport smart gauge provides real‑time viewing of data with extensive sensor integration providing tilt, acceleration, velocity, depth and altitude. Sports enthusiasts can share the thrill of their adventure by overlaying the sensor data on GoPro’s HERO® camera for video recordings or uploading it to their favorite websites. The product has an intuitive interface and can be operated easily, even when wearing gloves.