28 Jun 2021

We Swiss are very particular

We are often faced with a multitude of data, so we sort out all the information precisely. And then we decide on the best alternative

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We are often faced with a multitude of data.

Back in 1997, our three founders were faced with a crucial choice: continue with their doctoral theses or start a company with a product that had just been freshly conceived. After a brief evaluation of the situation and a comparison of possible alternatives, they made their choice, and the u-blox story began. Since then, we have been making decisions again and again, after careful consideration of all the available information.

We sort out all the information precisely.

The new development of high-precision satellite receivers and the accompanying revolution for the mass market, a proprietary LPWA chipset, automotive modules that form a cornerstone for autonomous driving, and products and services designed for applications with minimal power consumption – our developers have been working on all of these in our u-blox labs and engineering workshops.

And then we decide on the best alternative.

The innovation continues with new services that support localization computation in the cloud, secure data connections from the silicon to the cloud, and positioning "without positioning". Every day we are challenged to choose one of the many ideas - and pick the best alternative.


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High precision positioning will drive the next generation of autonomous vehicles for a smarter, cleaner world.


Sven Etzold

Head of Business Marketing

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