25 May 2021

We Swiss are really boring

The quest for perfection is long and painful, and we are prepared to do things again and again, each time starting over from scratch. The results are what excite us.

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The quest for perfection is long and painful

When we started as a spin-off from ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) 24 years ago, everything related to tracking technology was just called GPS. But today, in the 2020s, the technological possibilities and satellite systems themselves are truly manifold (Galileo, GLONASS, and BeiDou have joined the ranks with GPS). Still, we continue to set the standards in this field.

We are prepared to do things again and again and start over from scratch

All satellite systems now support special features, such as emergency calls. Multiple bands and frequencies have become available to meet the needs of specific use cases. And over time, we have added better security, higher reliability, and greater accuracy. Now we are taking the next step by combining outdoor positioning via satellite with indoor solutions, using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and, soon, 5G.

The results are what excite us

This will further improve the efficiency of traffic flow and the seamless control of goods on the way to or inside the warehouse, offering more security at peak times. We are excited to have the opportunity to start over from scratch.


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Sven Etzold

Head of Business Marketing

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