20 Dec 2019

u-blox under the Christmas tree

With the holidays round the corner, here are some ideas to spread the festive spirit with u-blox technology.

Merry u-blox Christmas!

With the holidays round the corner, here are some ideas to spread the festive spirit with u‑blox technology.


At u-blox, we see connectivity as the mother of all megatrends shaping everything around us – and Christmas, too, is being transformed . From Bluetooth controlled Christmas tree decoration to DIY camera traps to catch Santa Claus as he squeezes through the chimney, wirelessly connected devices offer countless ways to make the season merrier. So roast up some chestnuts, pour yourself a glass of mulled wine, and read on to see how our technology might land under your Christmas tree. And who knows, you just might find a connected something to gift to a special someone!

For the playful dad: an action camera!

For years, action cameras have been all the craze. Offering crisp, ultra-high resolution video in a ruggedized package designed to withstand any amount of abuse, the latest generations of action cameras offer impressive image stabilization to guarantee smooth memories of your bumpiest adventures. With an integrated GNSS receiver and wireless communication modules, transferring geo-localized footage to your device has never been easier.

For the rookie technologist: a maker board!

Maker boards are a great way to combine experimentation and play. The biggest names in the business all have boards, shields, and hats boasting the red u-blox u. Arduino’s recent Nano sense BLE is a full-fledged sensing node designed to transfer sensed data to a client using an onboard u-blox Bluetooth module. And SparkFun’s GPS RTK breakout board brings centimeter-level GNSS positioning to your next DIY project.

For the reluctant gardener: a robotic lawnmower!

If you plan on getting in shape in 2020 a robotic lawnmower will free you from some of the more tedious gardening tasks so that you can burn calories doing something you really love. Featuring centimeter-level GNSS positioning, they can learn the most efficient path through your backyard and stay out of trouble (and your pond). Short range and cellular connectivity round off the offering, making it easy to keep up with its status, progress, and maintenance needs.

For the festively plump: connected scales!

The end-of-year holidays are a festive time like no other, and, often, the results of copious dinners and sweet mulled wine leave their marks. Connected scales help you get back on track in the new year, with hard, non-negotiable data delivered straight to your smartphone’s health app. Simply step onto the scales and let the technology do the rest.

For Oscar and his owner: a pet tracker!

It’s one thing to misplace your remote control. It’s another thing to lose track of Oscar in the thickets of the forest when he chases after a squirrel. Smart pet trackers make a great gift for pet owners, saving their nerves, their voices, and their time. Keep an eye on your pup from the comfort of your smartphone when you head out into the wild, stroll through the park, or let him roam free in the garden – all courtesy of short range communication technology.

For actual and aspiring pros: a golf watch!

Now golf enthusiasts can tap into the power of data analytics to up their game and shave a few shots off their handicap. Smart golf watches combine satellite-based positioning, short range technology, and inertial sensors to make every trip to the golf club a productive one. In addition to guiding players from hole to hole on most of the world’s golf courses, advanced golf watches analyze your swing speed, count your steps and calories, and share your data online so you never play alone.

For a very special someone: an electric car!

True, you’ll need a big Christmas tree for this one, and a generous spending cap, but given the abundance of wireless technology they offer, we had to reserve a spot on this list for electric vehicles. From providing navigation assistance to connecting with your smartphone to manage your vehicle to sharing wireless connectivity with everyone on board, electric vehicles are redefining what it means to be connected while on the road.

Sven Etzold

Head of Business Marketing

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