04 Sep 2020

Transforming uncertainty into opportunity

The Digital Declaration, a GSMA led initiative, helps companies deliver what matters most to digital citizens, industry, and governments.

ublox signs the Digital Declaration

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At the dawn of the 5G era, the world faces a perfect storm as technology is driving transformational changes in consumer behavior, politics, and the global economy. Despite their tremendous potential to build a better future, these changes can create uncertainty and confusion for some people. The Digital Declaration is a call to action for the private sector to step up and provide the leadership to change these uncertainties into opportunities, not just for themselves, but for all.

Announced at the 2019 World Economic Forum in Davos with the backing of 40 CEOs from across the industry, the Digital Declaration sets out aspirational guidelines that put responsible leadership at the heart of decision making, focusing technology on solving problems that are challenging communities. Today the Declaration counts more than 80 CEOs, with u-blox joining in early 2020.

At a time of considerable erosion of trust in businesses, governments, and traditional institutions, the declaration seeks to extend consumer trust for the digital age, deliver inclusive growth and opportunities for all, and foster an environment that nurtures innovation. Putting the concerns of today’s customers and citizens front and center, the Digital Declaration aims to support the development of sustainable businesses that prosper and play their part in creating a better future, inspiring a new style of leadership.

IoT security key for a sustainable connected future

“Without security, the Internet of Things as we know it will cease to exist,” says Alex Sinclair, Chief Technology Officer of the GSMA. “None of the three pillars of our Digital Declaration can be addressed without tackling IoT security head-on. That’s why the GSMA with the mobile industry has assembled a set of IoT security guidelines and an IoT security assessment promoting best practices for secure end-to-end design, development, and deployment of IoT solutions.” Leading global mobile operators, their partners, governments, and industry bodies have since adopted the security guidelines to encourage industry-wide security for a robust and sustainable IoT.


GSMA infographic

While policymakers and regulators will play an important role in supporting the vision of the Digital Declaration, the principles specifically call on industry leaders to take the lead in setting the values and guiding principles for a sustainable digital future. “We strongly believe we will be able to deliver the promise of a positive digital future only if the private and public sectors work side by side, under a set of shared principles and values,” says Mats Granryd, Director General of the GSMA, further highlighting the importance of dialogue across geographies and stakeholders.

Collaboration and cooperation are crucial for the success of the digital transformation of society, and the mobile industry has a demonstrable track record of effective collaboration that has delivered positive change. It’s a role the industry aspires to play well into the future, and the Digital Declaration is a fundamental component of this strategy. “Ultimately, the goal of the Digital Declaration is nothing short of ensuring that everyone can benefit from the opportunities presented by the next wave of technological progress,” Granryd concludes.

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