01 Nov 2019

Countering the fragmentation of the IoT with the TurboX® Smart Core platform

u-blox has teamed up with Thundercomm to stimulate innovation in the IoT and bring more comprehensive and advanced solutions to customers.


u-blox has teamed up with Thundercomm to stimulate innovation in the IoT and bring more comprehensive and advanced solutions to customers.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a fragmented space. Countless companies are developing smart solutions that bring the benefits of connectivity, data, analytics and increasingly artificial intelligence to every imaginable commercial vertical. The palette of competing, complementary, and often incompatible technologies is daunting. Silos have formed, with each vertical serving itself a specific flavor of the IoT. And as the growth of the IoT continues to accelerate, so too will its fragmentation.

But something has changed. More and more IoT applications developed for specific silos are maturing to the point that they can penetrate into other industries. The same fragmentation that long limited the scalability of IoT applications is now becoming an opportunity for those players that are able to outgrow their silo and expand their footprint. Seizing this opportunity has become a key task for the entire IoT industry.

It’s an ambitious project. “A single innovative technology will not promote IoT development. The IoT can only be upgraded by integrating different innovative technologies,” said Hiro Cai, CEO of Thundercomm, a provider of IoT products, technologies and one-stop services for OEM/ODMs, innovative enterprises and developers in the IoT area.

Tight integration of hardware and software

A subsidiary of Thunder Software Technology Co., Ltd, Thundercomm has been growing with a compound annual growth rate of 30%, serving companies in Asia, North America, Europe and the Middle East. Focusing on IoT products such as smart cameras, robots, VR/AR devices, wearable devices, drones, medical equipment, and industrial IoT, they help partners and customers accelerate the process of taking IoT products from the prototype to mass production.

Central to their approach is a tight integration between hardware and software. The company’s TurboX® Smart Core platform is a case in point. The platform offers an all-in-one solution integrating core computing modules, operating systems, algorithms, and an SDK. The platform has already provided products and services for more than 100 intelligent hardware enterprises at home and abroad.

“To build TurboX® Smart Core into a more comprehensive and intelligent customized platform, Thundercomm worked with u-blox to develop and optimize positioning and communication modules. With joint efforts, we further improved the platform’s comprehensive performance, facilitating the integration of fragmented IoT applications," Hiro continues.

Partners with complementary skills

According to Thomas Seiler, CEO of u-blox, the collaboration is natural. “Thundercomm is an expert in developing a complete IoT application system, while u-blox is specialized in supplying module-based connectivity solutions. The two sides complement each other in software and hardware respectively. Our in-depth cooperation can stimulate a broader space for innovation, and bring more comprehensive and advanced solutions to customers," he says.

According to Hiro Cai, the complementarity extends into the R&D process as well. “During project implementation, the u-blox China team was in touch with our R&D team day and night, providing high-quality solutions. We accomplished or task within an “impossible” deadline, delivering performance that exceeded our expectations."

Winning with services

The ongoing migration of value from products to services is one reason that counteracting the fragmentation of hardware and software in the IoT is more crucial than ever.  “Since u-blox began its collaboration with Thundercomm, we have successfully launched many industry-leading products and solutions and created a high-quality platform service system based on our similar service strategies,” Seiler continues. “High precision GNSS receivers and 4G communication modules are powering Thundercomm’s products, helping the company realize their vision of being an AIoT enabler “. In turn, Thundercomm has accelerated u-blox’s transformation from a technology supplier to an industry ecosystem builder."

Seiler and Hiro share an optimistic view of the future of the IoT. With the introduction of more favorable domestic policies and the continuous extension of application scenarios, they foresee a golden opportunity of explosive development. Although the general trend in the IoT market continues to be towards increased fragmentation, stakeholders in the industry have an opportunity before them. By making technological innovation and delivering high-quality service experiences a driving force, they can steer the IoT industry towards an even brighter future.


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Kevin Hu

Business Development Manager, u-blox Beijing

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