21 Nov 2016

Visiting a u-blox sponsored school in Northern Ghana

Visiting a u-blox sponsored school in Northern Ghana

Mettoh School_u-blox

Launched in 2005, the Savannah Education Trust is a British charity providing disadvantaged rural communities in Northern Ghana with education programs. In Ghana, where the average income is less than $1 per day and the rural literacy rate is 22%, most children do not have the possibility to attend school due to poverty. From primary school age they are often considered old enough to work and to help support their family.

u-blox has provided funding for various projects since 2013, including the building and running of a new school in the impoverished community of Mettoh, in the Lawra District. In a recent visit of the school, the Paramount Chief of the area has recognized the essential contribution of the Trust by granting representatives the rare honor of being appointed Maalu Naa, or Development Chief of the Lawra Traditional Area. “The impact of the Trust on the education sector and in the lives of the children and communities in which it operates is immense. It cannot be overemphasized,” the Chief said.

To learn more about the recent visit to the Mettoh school, watch the video:

An essential component of u-blox corporate social responsibility is to care for communities in which we are both directly and indirectly involved. Two areas in which we make significant contributions are education and health promotion.

Gitte Jensen

Senior Marketing Communications 2

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