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u‑blox showcases the latest in cellular and wireless connectivity at the u‑blox booth #N352 (M2M zone) of Mobile World Congress Americas (San Francisco, Sept 12‑14)

September 13, 2017

First featured at the u‑blox booth #N352 of MWC Americas is a live Narrowband IoT (NB‑IoT or LTE Cat NB1) demo using u‑blox’s SARA‑R410M‑02B, a configurable LTE Cat M1/NB1 multi mode module with worldwide coverage. On this occasion, u‑blox has partnered with Bluvision, a provider of highly scalable end‑to‑end IoT platforms, to display Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring and Condition Monitoring using Bluvision’s BluCell. BluCell is a narrowband gateway that uses Bluetooth to wirelessly monitor hundreds of beacons, each measuring temperature, vibration analysis, door openings, location and movement. BluCell connects via SARA‑R410M‑02B to T‑Mobile’s network, the first NB‑IoT network in North America.

Another joint Narrowband IoT (NB‑IoT) demo to be seen at the booth consists of u‑blox’s C030 application board, which transmits data through a NB‑IoT network realized with the Nutaq PicoLTE network‑in‑a-box, showing a health and temperature monitoring use case. A SARA‑R410M Cat M1 version will also be displayed. The C030 application board is an out‑of‑the‑box rapid prototyping solution for IoT applications. It features integrated GNSS based on u‑blox MAX‑8C and an integrated host CPU for rapid prototyping in an ARM® Mbed™ 5 software environment. Together with the Nutaq PicoLTE, it allows developers to test and validate applications in regions where NB‑IoT or Cat M1 are not yet available, or to conduct pre‑testing on a private network.  


u‑blox also showcases its TOBY‑L4 LTE Cat 6 module and how it supports the wireless connected car with the most powerful application CPU in the industry. In this demo, data is routed from the LTE network to Wi‑Fi clients, the ethernet, and the DHCP server, showing telematics connectivity to the NGTP demo backend by WirelessCar. The demo emulates several car functions, such as door locks, fuel level, tire pressure and location.


Last to be discovered at the u‑blox booth is NFC functionality. The u‑blox NINA‑B1 Bluetooth low energy can be easily configured via UART or Bluetooth to enable specific NFC functionality. The pre‑flashed Connectivity Software supports various use case scenarios, including:

  • Pair and connect a NINA‑B1 enabled device with a smartphone by simply using touch‑and‑pair.
  • Upload information from a NINA‑B1 enabled device to a smartphone, e.g. retrieve the URL to a device manual or automatically start an app on the phone.
  • Use an NFC enabled smartphone to touch‑and‑pair with a number of NINA‑B1 enabled devices and have them automatically connect in a master‑slave network.


Come and see us!


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