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3 key takeaways from u-blox @TU-Automotive

ublox test car at TU-Automotive Detroit

If you couldn’t make it to TU‑Automotive this year, here are our three key takeaways from the show:

High precision GNSS and V2X – a perfect match for the automated driving experience

ublox speaker at TU‑Automotive 2018 in DetroitHigh precision positioning and V2X communications are vital complements to aggregated sensor data for autonomous safety and a comfortable driving experience.

In his keynote speech, Thomas Nigg, Head of Product Strategy for Positioning Products, discussed how high precision GNSS and V2X will revolutionize the automated driving experience as integrated and complementary technologies.

In a panel on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Chafik Driouichi, Senior Product Marketing Manager for V2X, compared the benefits of V2X and high precision GNSS to having a 360 degree guardian angel in the car that makes driving safer and more responsive. The majority of sensors deployed in today’s vehicles, such as cameras, radars, and lidars are limited to line‑of‑sight sensing, which limits reaction time and thus fully autonomous driving. 

High precision GNSS and V2X are real

ublox high precision GNSS technology demo at TU‑Automotive 2018The recently launched UBX‑P3 chip for V2X wireless communication based on the DSRC/802.11p standard was displayed at the booth. The UBX‑P3 takes u‑blox’s commitment to shaping the future of active safety and autonomous driving technologies even further. We showcased live V2X technology, too, simulating the motion of cars in a city as messages were transmitted live. This to show how the shared real‑time perception of their surroundings can prevent traffic incidents.

We presented two high precision GNSS demonstrations at the show. Outside the exhibit center, customers were invited to join us for a drive to experience lane accurate positioning live with our recently announced ZED‑F9P multi‑band GNSS receiver. At the booth, a demo using a model train showed visitors how u‑blox high precision positioning can achieve one‑centimeter accuracy. A ZED‑F9P module on train was used to receive multi‑band high precision positioning data and a short range radio module was used to transmit the data to our u‑center, which was visible to all on a display.

Platform scalability and flexibility are paramount for the secure connected car

ublox TOBY‑L4 demo at TU‑Automotive Detriot 2018Together with Green Hills Software, we showed two versions of a connected car demo using the TOBY‑L4 LTE Cat 6 module. In the demo, car functionality, such as lights, horns, door locks, could be controlled remotely over the LTE network, while streaming high definition movies to the vehicle. One version of the demo featured a TOBY‑L4 as a slim modem, the other as a smart modem with an integrated CPU. In addition, the slim modem version of the connected car demo coupled the u‑blox TOBY‑L4 LTE module with Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY® operating system, running on a Renesas H3 automotive processor

The demos proved that it is possible to design a smart single platform approach that enables both all‑in‑one connectivity and utmost flexibility, allowing for future connectivity upgrades as LTE technology evolves. This lets designers seamlessly migrate between a family of OEM platforms that require various levels of performance while also future‑proofing their applications for new cellular technologies.

This platform approach was also discussed by Stefan Gudmundsson, Market Development Manager Cellular, in a panel on connectivity for the autonomous car. With connectivity remaining an expensive add‑on, a smart platform approach can help designers to deliver the most effective and practical solutions for various vehicle platforms.