Connected devices for asset tracking

Simplified global asset tracking

Asset tracking is not easy. Cost-effective, real-time, accurate global positioning and precise condition monitoring of assets is a challenge for managers of logistics and supply chains.

u-blox IoT Communication-as-a-Service, MQTT Anywhere has enabled device manufacturers to build a broad range of asset tracking and monitoring devices designed to support asset management. These devices are designed to work out-of-the box, enabling immediate asset tracking in over 190 countries.


Asset management IoT devices provide the enterprise with a modern solution to track, trace, and monitor assets, worldwide.

MQTT Anywhere enabled devices give the enterprise the ability to implement both proof-of-concept and production applications with ease and for a predictable cost.

In most cases, this can considerably reduce the time between concept and delivery.

  • Global coverage – over 190 countries, worldwide
  • Predictable cost structure - based on messages consumed, not data
  • Low power – battery-powered asset tracking devices lasting more than 10 years
  • Low device cost

Enterprise integration

MQTT Anywhere enabled devices can be integrated with most mainstream enterprise systems and IoT platforms out-of-the-box. These include:

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Removing the barriers for digitizing the asset management industry

Asset tracking IoT devices are increasingly being used by asset managers to overcome business challenges and find new revenue models.

When developing an IoT strategy to support your business, the communications part is not necessarily the first consideration, whatever the use case.

However, when putting together the many elements in the design, the availability of communications, and a clear idea of running costs will always be an important part of the outcome required.

The following use cases are an example of where the IoT has removed the barriers in digitizing the asset management industry:

  • Track-and-trace – accurate positioning and movement of assets
  • Environment monitoring – temperature, humidity, dust, seismic, fluid ingress
  • Geofencing – triggered responses when devices enter or leave a particular area
  • Material flows – automated tracking and reporting of material flow
  • Usage hours – monitoring of machinery running hours and end-of-life warnings
  • Condition monitoring – automated warnings for potential asset failure

Working with device manufacturers

u-blox works with device manufacturers to enable their equipment to transmit sensor data into the enterprise.

There are many MQTT Anywhere enabled asset tracking devices available right now, making it possible for businesses to rapidly accelerate PoC (proof-of-concept) and ultimately get data into the enterprise faster.

u-blox’s IoT Communication-as-a-Service offering takes care of the complexities of getting data from device to enterprise while taking care of most of the key challenges in successful implementation.

The diagram below shows the data path from the device to the enterprise:

mqtt anywhere IoT Communication-as-a-Service