Risk management

Assessing and controlling risk is crucial to sustainable business success. u-blox employs strategies that effectively mitigate risk and prevent losses.


Risk Mitigation

Markets and customers

Economic and market-trend uncertainties could impact our business and customer demand. This may lead to lower volumes and decreased profitability.



  • Customer diversification: No single customer accounts for less than 6% of u-blox's turnover.
  • Continual expansion of the customer base.
  • Continuous monitoring and assessment of market developments and needs


Our markets are highly competitive in terms of pricing, product features and service quality. In many sectors we face price pressures that could negatively impact our results.



  • Review and replan R&D activities every 6 months.
  • Foster a high level of innovation.
  • Maintain high technical support capabilities globally.
  • Product range well structured to provide customers with solutions tailored to their needs.

Intellectual property

Competitors or other parties in our industry may seek to yield benefits from our technical innovations by duplicating our products.



  • Maintain a high level of trade secrecy.
  • Protect our current business and IP from being copied or used by others. by appropriate use of patents, copyrights and trade secrets on a global basis.
  • Accelerate the innovation rate.
  • Manage third party licenses.

Product quality

Poor product quality may result in reputational and brand damage, resulting in lower volumes and financial claims.



  • Continual expansion of the quality management system and laboratory capabilities.
  • Thorough testing and qualification at our own laboratory facilities.
  • Maintain high technical support level globally.
  • Excellent long-term manufacturing partners.


u-blox's competitive position, sales and earnings depend significantly on the development of new products and technologies. Failure to achieve our aggressive R&D and innovation goals could negatively impact our ability to grow.


  • Continual stream of new products launched yearly with targeted features to several markets.
  • Invested 16.2% of revenues in R&D in 2017.
  • Expand range in key technologies, acquired short range radio know-how.


Skilled and dedicated employees are essential for the success of our growth- oriented corporate strategy. The loss of these individuals could disrupt the company’s operations.



  • Globally positioning the company as an attractive employer.
  • Develop and increase management talent pipeline.
  • Regular employee satisfaction survey.
  • Maintain attractive employment conditions and compensation packages plus a stock option plan.
  • Offer career path opportunities group wide.


u-blox outsources its capital-intensive production to leading production suppliers around the world. Rising raw material prices, capacity constraints or business interruption could lead to a shortage of supply with negative consequences for our business.


  • Lean supply base with few key suppliers.
  • Long-term relationships with suppliers and close interaction to plan and manage capacity.
  • Inventory buffers to respond to unplanned demand fluctuations.


Non-compliant or unethical behavior could lead to reputational damage, fines and liability claims.



  • Active fostering of high ethical standards and membership in the UN Global Compact.
  • u-blox Code of Conduct.
  • Anti-bribery policy.
  • Speak-up culture, formal compliance process and sanctions.
  • Sustainable supplier program containing regular risk assessments and inspections of production suppliers’ operations

Currency fluctuations

The majority of u-blox's revenue material costs and R&D expenses are in US dollar currency.


  • Foster natural hedging by matching revenue currency amounts with expense currency amounts.


Credit risks arising from financial institutions and from customers could have a negative impact on u-blox's financial performance.



  • Individual risk assessment of customers and definition of appropriate credit lines.
  • Insurance for all customer credit lines.
  • Frequent and thorough follow-up on late payments.
  • Cash flow program to optimize liquidity and cash flow management.


Failure in liquidity management may have a negative effect on u-blox's financial performance.


  • Monitor our liquidity on a quarterly basis.
  • In 2017 successfully raised CH 60.0 million fixed rate bond to increase u-blox's financial flexibility.
  • Cash flow program to optimize liquidity and cash flow management.
  • Efficient use of available cash through cash pooling.