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“u” – the u-blox technology magazine

u‑blox is at the heart of connectivity technologies essential to the Internet of Things. We help provide smart solutions to enhance our world. Our magazine provides a thought‑provoking collection of articles on topics pertaining to a smart connected world. It also offers experts’ views on the trends and markets we are involved with, as well as official research data that sheds light on the current IoT ecosystem from a global perspective.

Each edition has an umbrella theme while "The Internet of Things that Really Matter" remains the focus of “u”.

Stay curious about the next innovation, and stay tuned! u‑blox Magazine Jubilee

We are pleased to present you already our fourth edition of the u-blox magazine, with a focus on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and how the Internet drastically reshaping a multi-faceted industry, and its workforces.
07 December 2017
We are delighted to present you the third edition of the u‑blox magazine. 2017 is a very special year for us, as u‑blox is turning 20!
06 June 2017
Connected City - Smart city
In the second edition of "U" - the u‑blox technology magazine, discover how cities are becoming smarter and what that means for us.
29 November 2016
autonomous car
Welcome to the first edition of “u” – the u‑blox technology magazine, a comprehensive collection of articles on the connected vehicle.
29 November 2016