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u-blox showcases the latest in wireless connectivity at booth #1G44 of European Utility Week, held in Amsterdam on October 3-5

u‑blox is demoing the long range connectivity of its newly launched, full‑featured Bluetooth 5 wireless MCU (microcontroller unit) module, NINA‑B3, at booth #1G44 of the European Utility Week. The new module, featuring Bluetooth 5 low energy, a powerful MCU, advanced connectivity software, and superior security, caters to applications in smart buildings, smart cities, and the Industry 4.0.

At the demo you’ll be able to see for yourself how NINA‑B3 harnesses the full power of Bluetooth 5 long range to offer extended coverage with uninterrupted connection even through walls, easily outdoing traditional Bluetooth low energy mode.  More concretely, the demo shows how connections made with long range mode can cross walls, which are represented by a shielded box. At the same time, higher throughput mode fails to penetrate with signal loss occurring on the other side.

NINA‑B3 Long Range

The second demo illustrates how mesh networks can be used in smart buildings for extended range. In this demo, sensor nodes such as for heat cost control are based on the u‑blox NINA‑B family and read sensor data as an input. u‑blox supports the following mesh technologies: Bluetooth Mesh, Thread, and Wirepas Connectivity wide area mesh.

This demonstration is carried out in cooperation with u‑blox partners Treon (nodes: and Wirepas (large scale mesh:

Shifting gears from Bluetooth to NB‑IoT, our third demo presents a full smart solution: a Kamstrup smart water meter that uses an NB‑IoT bridge to upload its readings straight into a cloud‑based analytics platform.

The demo setup uses a u‑blox SARA‑N211 NB‑IoT module to transfer end‑to‑end encrypted data over NB‑IoT using UDP‑based Data Transfer Protocol. A notebook presents the Kamstrup analytics platform, featuring real‑time data and intelligent alarms to inform users of leakages, bursts, reverse flow, tampering, and drying out. The demo runs over the Vodafone network.

This demonstration is carried out in partnership with Kamstrup.

Kamstrup Water MeterKamstrup Water Meter

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