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u-blox showcases its new NINA-W1 Wi-Fi module and new rapid prototyping C030 IoT application board at Embedded World

Embedded World 2017

u‑blox launches the NINA‑W1 module series providing the most secure Wi‑Fi modules for industrial markets at Embedded World (Hall 3, Booth no 3‑139, in the new System.M2M area), held in Nuremberg, Germany, on 14‑16 March 2017. u‑blox also demonstrates Wi‑Fi and Bluetooth low energy sensor connectivity to cloud applications and its new C030 application board for rapid prototyping of cellular IoT applications.

First to be featured is the new NINA‑W1 module series of compact, ready‑to‑use Wi‑Fi modules that support secure boot and the latest security standards. The two new NINA‑W131 and NINA W132 are ultra low power Wi‑Fi modules supporting 802.11 b/g/n in the 2.4GHz ISM band. Developed with security and quick time‑to‑market in mind, the NINA‑W1 stand‑alone modules make Wi‑Fi integration easy. Watch the video for more information:

u‑blox showcases Wi‑Fi and Bluetooth low energy sensor data collection in an ARM® mbedTM OS 5 powered IoT architecture. The IoT architecture includes the ODIN‑W2 gateway module, which is the only ARM® mbedTM OS 5 enabled Wi‑Fi board on the market.  In live demonstrations, the ODIN‑W2 reads either temperature or accelerometer sensor data via Bluetooth low energy from NINA‑B1 equipped sensors. ODIN‑W2 and the NINA‑W1 enabled sensors streams data via Wi‑Fi to an access point that forwards the data to an IBM cloud server, allowing for real time data visualization and analysis.

u‑blox_Bluetooth demo

Also to see at the booth is the u‑blox C030 application board, an out‑of‑the‑box rapid prototyping solution for IoT applications that can support new LPWA (low power wide area) cellular technologies, such as NB‑IoT, and existing 2G/3G networks.  The first variants feature the u‑blox SARA‑N211 module, the world's first NB‑IoT module, as well as SARA‑U201, the world's smallest 2G and 3G world module.

The application board integrates a GNSS receiver (the u‑blox MAX‑M8C module) and user‑programmable host CPU for quick prototyping in an ARM® mbedTM OS 5 enabled software environment. Providing an ultra low power design for applications that require long battery life in a compact form factor, the C030 also offers out‑of‑the‑box international eUICC roaming and compatibility with u‑blox stand‑alone Bluetooth and Wi‑Fi modules  (such as NINA‑B1) and Arduino® shields for sensor, actuator and battery solutions that can all be easily integrated within the ARM® mbedTM enabled environment. The first samples will be available end of May 2017.

u‑blox_C030 demo

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