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Sparkfun GPS-Empfänger

Kompaktes GPS-Antennenmodul mit u-blox 7 Chipset


  • Direkt erhältlich bei Sparkfun 
  • Basiert auf dem u‑blox 7 Chipset
  • Integrierte Antenne
  • Kleiner Formfaktor 18.4 mm x 18.4 mm x 4 mm
  • 3‑poliges Kabel mit JST‑Stecker
Sparkfun Electron

    The GP‑20U7 from Sparkfun is a compact GPS receiver based on u‑blox 7 chipset. The module accurately provides position, velocity, and time readings as well possessing high sensitivity and tracking capabilities. Thanks to the low power consumption this receiver requires, the module is ideal for portable applications such as tablet PCs, smart phones, and other devices requiring positioning capability. This 56‑channel GPS module, that supports a standard NMEA‑0183 and u‑blox binary protocol, has low power consumption of [email protected] (max), an antenna on board, and -162dBm tracking sensitivity. With 56 channels in search mode and 22 channels “all‑in‑view” tracking, the module is quite the work horse for its size.