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LEA-6R Module

u-blox 6 GPS-Modul mit Dead Reckoning

LEA‑6R Module is an older generation product. For new designs see:
NEO-M8L module
u-blox M8 ADR-Module mit 3D-Sensoren
NEO-M8U module
u-blox M8 UDR-Modul einschliesslich 3D-Inertial-Sensoren
Kleines u-blox M8 UDR SiP


  • ADR‑Technologie (Automotive Dead Reckoning):
    • 100% Abdeckung, kontinuierliche Positionierung sogar in Tunnels
    • 1 Hz kombinierte DR+GPS Navigationsrate
    • Überwachung des Speed‑Pulse‑Sensors über E/A‑Pin oder über Nachrichten
    • Überwachung des Gyroskop-/Temperatur‑Sensors
    • Automatische Sensorkalibrierung/Temperaturkompensation
  • UART- und USB‑Schnittstellen
  • Integrierte Antennenüberwachung
  • Zusätzlicher Front‑End‑LNA
17 x 22.4 x 2.4 mm
  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Automotive



u-blox 6 GPS Module, DR hardware sensor
interface, TCXO, 17x22.4mm, 250 pcs/ree

GNSS features 
Standalone module
DDC (I²C compliant)1
Electrical data 
Minimum supply [V]2.7
Maximum supply [V]3.6
Environmental data, quality & reliability 
Maximum temperature [°C]85
Minimum temperature [°C]-40
Size [mm]17 x 22.4 x 2.4
Programmierbarer Flash-Speicher
RTC Quarz
Active antenna / LNA supply
Ext. interrupt /wakeup

The LEA‑6R provides 100 % coverage, combining the high performance u‑blox 6 positioning engine with u‑blox’ ADR Dead Reckoning technology. ADR supplements GPS satellite position information with heading and distance data provided by additional sensors. When GPS satellites are out of sight, location is extrapolated using distance and angle information from the gyroscope and speedpulse sensors. The speedpulse sensor signal can be received either as a digital tick signal or as messages via the serial interface. The gyroscope is monitored via an external ADC over the SPI interface. ADR enables accurate navigation even in locations with poor or absent GPS signals such as tunnels, indoor parking facilities and deep urban canyons. In addition, ADR effectively eliminates the impact of multipath effects in urban canyon environments. This makes the LEA‑6R the ideal solution for applications requiring accurate, reliable positioning, all of the time. LEA‑6R modules are manufactured in ISO/TS 16949 certified sites. Each module is tested and inspected during production. Qualification tests are performed as stipulated in the ISO16750 standard: “Road vehicles – Environmental conditions and testing for electrical and electronic equipment”.