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Mobilfunk- und Positionierungs-Shield von EA

Arduino-kompatibles Shield für Entwicklungsboards


  • u‑blox zertifiziertes Mobilfunkmodem
  • u‑blox Multi‑GNSS‑Positionierungsempfänger
  • Arduino‑kompatible Header, kompatibel zu zahlreichen Entwicklungsboards von Drittanbietern
  • Pads kompatibel zu Raspberry Pi (RPi) Expansion Connector
  • SMA‑Anschlüsse für externe Antennen
  • SIM‑Halterung
EmbeddedArtists IoT Shield

    Embedded Artists' Cellular and Positioning shield lets you get up and running quickly with IoT applications and general M2M applications. The shield is built around u‑blox's excellent, high‑quality cellular and GNSS modules.

    The on‑board connectors (Arduino shield pinning and Raspberry Pi expansion connector) are also very easy to use for custom boards. The board has been developed by Embedded Artists in cooperation with u‑blox.


    There are three versions of the shield.

    • Cellular 2G Shield with SARA‑G350
    • Cellular 2G and Positioning Shield with SARA‑G350 and MAX‑7Q
    • Cellular 3G and Positioning Shield with SARA‑U270 and MAX‑M8Q