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  • Eine Lösung mit Bluetooth Low Energy und GNSS‑Technologie
  • Aufladen der integrierten Knopfzelle über USB und/oder Solarmodul
  • Onboard‑Sensor (Beschleunigungsmesser, Gyroskop)
  • Drei Tasten und zwei LEDs
u-blox NINA‑B1 Bluetooth Low Energy module and the u-blox EVA-M8 GNSS module

    The B201 is a location device that integrates the u‑blox NINA‑B1 Bluetooth Low Energy module and the u‑blox EVA‑M8 GNSS module.

    The blueprint provides a reference for integration of u‑blox BLE and GNSS modules for location applications. It implements a low power solution integrating a harvesting power system. The hardware has been designed to optimize the power consumption and it includes a solar panel solution as well as a rechargeable battery.

    A demo firmware is available at GitHub and can be used to test features of this blueprint. The firmware collects location data and provides this data via the standardized Bluetooth Low Energy GATT Location and Navigation Service.

    Kit includes