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24. Januar 2011

u-blox develops Stolen Vehicle Tracking solution for the Brazilian market

Complete SVT reference design includes GPS, GSM and operator‑independent SIM chip
C16‑G26Q: u‑blox’ turnkey SVT reference design for the Brazil automotive market
C16‑G26Q: u‑blox’ turnkey SVT reference design for the Brazil automotive market
Thalwil, Switzerland – January 24, 2011 – u‑blox announces the immediate availability of an off‑the‑shelf reference design for the Brazilian Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT) market. The design, the C16‑G26Q, addresses all key requirements of the Brazilian National Transportation Department (DENATRAN) to equip all vehicles with SVT devices to discourage theft and facilitate stolen vehicle recovery.

The design implements a tight integration of u‑blox’ NEO GPS and LEON GSM modules, plus surface‑mount GPS and GSM antennas to facilitate covert installation. It integrates a specially developed Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) SIM solution that gives car owners a free choice of service provider as required by the DENATRAN SIM‑245 specification.

The design also comes with built‑in assisted‑GPS capability to support accelerated positioning in weak signal environments. It also enables positioning where there is no GPS coverage, such as underground parking garages and tunnels.

“With our deep know‑how in both GPS and GSM technologies, u‑blox is uniquely positioned to offer this turnkey solution for SVT customers in Brazil. With the start of our own GSM module production line in Brazil in 2010, this SVT solution provides the fastest time‑to‑market possible”, said Nikolaos Papadopoulos, President, u‑blox America.

u‑blox selected G&D to provide the embedded SIM chip for the reference design. G&D is one of the pioneers who participated in initiating Brazil’s DENATRAN SIM‑245 specification. G&D is a worldwide leader in SIM technology and OTA (over‑the‑air) management platforms that assure the secure and reliable management of SIM and network switches throughout the entire DENATRAN infrastructure.
Available in automotive grade, u‑blox’ LEON GSM module is certified according to Anatel, as well as by all major international standards bodies.