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Unsere Arbeit im Gemeinwesen: Etwas bewegen

We know how important it is for u-blox to be a good global citizen. This is why we give something back every year, both at a corporate level, and by supporting the voluntary work our employees do.

At u‑blox, we believe strongly in giving back to the communities where we operate. Our deep knowledge of technology means we’re uniquely placed to help in innovative ways. You can discover more about some of the projects we’re involved with below.                            

And as well as supporting specific larger‑scale initiatives, we also encourage our employees to volunteer their time to charitable organizations, through our uGive program. Find out more about this below.

Funding education in Ghana
We collaborate with a non‑Governmental organization to help provide education to rural communities in Ghana.

Back in 2012, u‑blox funding enabled the Savannah Education Trust to complete a new school building, which is now used by 170 children every day. We’re continuing to support the running of this school.

Elsewhere, we funded a solar lighting project that enables children to study for their exams during dark evenings, and provided a large number of textbooks to the same school, to improve the quality of education it could offer.

We also helped fund an e‑reader program with Worldreader. Availability of books in remote areas is severely limited, so the e‑readers, with access to 10,000 e‑books, have opened up a world of possibility for young people. They’ve since led to noticeable improvements in pupils’ engagement, reading and overall academic abilities.

Protecting the environment in Madagascar
We’re committed to supporting initiatives seeking to slow down climate change. This includes awareness, education and conservation activities, such as the ‘Ades’ program in Madagascar. Here, our work has been to protect a sensitive area by providing solar cookers to local communities, and raising awareness of the benefits of this more sustainable means of preparing food.

Supporting a community hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Medical professionals in the Democratic Republic of Congo are often hampered by unreliable electricity supplies. Without power, hospitals can’t easily store blood or medicines, sterilize equipment or guarantee lighting during operations. We’ve been supporting a community hospital in the township of Lukala, firstly to buy and set up a back‑up generator and, more recently, to purchase other equipment and medicine.

Product donation: Helping children with long term illnesses
u‑blox has donated 500 4G modules to Norwegian company, No Isolation, as part of an ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. No Isolation is a connected healthcare start‑up, pioneering an avatar for children with long term illnesses who have to stay in hospital or at home over an extended period of time. Their robotic avatar, AV1, represents the child during school classes, field trips or birthday parties, enabling them to participate in everyday events where their medical condition means that they can’t be physically present.

Our uGive charity funding program
Many of our employees volunteer their time to charitable organizations, and we like to encourage and reward this. That’s why our uGive program will pay the organization in question 10 CHF (10 USD/8.50 EUR) per hour that a u‑blox employee volunteers. It’s a little extra way of us giving back to the communities we work in and the causes close to our employees’ hearts.