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u-blox welcomes EU Commission’s Delegated Regulation stepping up the deployment of C-ITS

The decision gives automakers, road operators, and other stakeholders the certainty they need to start large‑scale commercial deployment of C‑ITS services.

C‑ITS, or Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems, have become a key strategic pillar of the EU’s strategy to modernize its transportation sector and move towards its goal of zero road fatalities by 2050. Central to C‑ITS is vehicle‑to‑everything, or V2X, communication, which allows vehicles and transportation infrastructure to “speak” to each other using highly reliable and low‑latency wireless communications technologies.

On March 13, the European Commission adopted new rules setting up the framwork needed to enable the deployment of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems on it roads, modernizing the European mobility sector. In doing so it laid down a regulatory framwork that enables a large scale rollout of  ETSI ITS‑G5 based systems, while providing other future technologies clear guidelines for interoperability and co‑existence.

We, at u‑blox, welcome the decision by the European Commission, as it puts an end to the climate of uncertainty that has for long hampered the large‑scale deployment of V2X technology, both in vehicles and on roads. We remain committed to developing and providing V2X technologies that will improve traffic safety and innovating ways for co‑existence between ITS‑G5, existing alternatives, and future technologies within standardization organizations such as ETSI and CEN.

Ultimately, all of these technologies will be fundamental to achieving the vision of autonomous driving and reducing road accidents. The increased transparency provided by this decision will help accelerate the implementation of V2X technology in one of the world’s largest markets. At u‑blox, we have products available now to support ITS‑G5, the EU’s choice.